Quantic Dream Will Reportedly be 100 Percent Acquired by NetEase Later this Year

Since the daily life of the video game industry is now punctuated by takeovers, we are not really surprised to learn that another studio is about to be acquired by a large Chinese company.

© Quantic Dream

This time, it is the French studio Quantic Dream that is concerned. The team behind the excellent Heavy Rain or Detroit: Become Human would be about to be bought. We owe the rumor to the generally well-informed insider Tom Henderson. Of course, no official announcement has been made yet, so it is essential to take the following information with a pinch of salt.

Thus, NetEase would be about to buy 100% of Quantic Dream’s shares. The announcement could be made during the summer. According to Henderson, discussions have been going on for several months but we don’t know yet if the deal is finalized. NetEase would not be at its first acquisition in the video game industry since the Chinese giant had already bought Grasshopper Manufacture (Killer7, No More Heroes…) in 2021.

According to various reports, Quantic Dream has been looking for a buyer since the end of its exclusive contract with Sony (after the release of Detroit: Become Human). The studio has even approached several companies over the years. But it’s NetEase that seems to have made the best offer.

Source: Exputer

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