New mod for Tekken 7 adds characters from Elden Ring to the game

Since the release of Elden Ring on February 25th, the modding scene has been in turmoil. So much so that some of the cult characters from FromSoftware’s game are now invited in Tekken 7.

Ultraboy, a well-known modder of the Tekken scene, has just released a pack allowing to replace 8 characters of the fighting game by NPCs and bosses from Elden Ring.

Made available for free by its creator, this mod pack is designed to replace the following models:

  1. Melina (Replaces lidia)
  2. Malenia (Replaces Kunimitsu)
  3. Lobster from the trailer (replaces Heihachi)
  4. Alexander the living Jar (Replaces Gigas)
  5. Prisoner (Replaces Lee)
  6. Radahn Counqerour of the stars (Replaces Marduk)
  7. Raging Wolf Armor set (Replaces Kazuya)
  8. Ranni the Witch (Replaces Kazumi)
  9. Bonus: Torrent The spectral Steed (Replaces Kazumi Tiger)

Of course, the original characters retain their original movesets and attacks.

Source: Tekkenmods

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