Microsoft: Xbox Minecraft ray tracing preview was a mistake (update)

Update – Thursday, March 31, 2022, at 9:30 pm: In the end, Mojang posted a tweet to indicate that enabling the ray tracing feature via Minecraft Preview on Xbox Series was a mistake. The option has been removed and the studio even says that it was only a prototype that is far from being ready for large-scale deployment. So it was a false start.

Original article: Minecraft RTX coming soon on Xbox Series

There’s going to be some movement on the Minecraft side! Indeed, Mojang’s title will soon be optimized for the latest Xbox… And that’s not all, as a long-awaited feature will also make its debut soon.

© Xbox / Mojang

It may seem surprising but Minecraft still hasn’t received the upgrade that would allow it to use the power of the Xbox Series X|S. However, the Swedish studio Mojang is owned by Microsoft but the communication was at a standstill regarding this hypothetical optimization. But this has just changed!

For now, only select users can access the new features via the Minecraft Preview software downloadable from the Xbox Insider Hub app on Xbox Series X|S. As the video below posted by Tom Warren shows, the game is now optimized for both consoles, and ray tracing can be applied. This last feature can be activated by creating a new world or by joining a PC world.

Mojang has not yet said anything about a wider deployment of these improvements. Remember that Minecraft Preview is intended to replace Minecraft Beta while sitting alongside the Bedrock version.

Source: Tom Warren

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