Game Pass is Far From Being Netflix of Video Games

While Game Pass is a popular service that has been praised by gamers and the press alike, its impact on the video game market should be put into perspective, according to a study.

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As Sony prepares to unveil its new Spartacus subscription gaming service, data shared by Ampere Analysis shows that subscription gaming is still very much on the fringe.

According to data from researcher Piers Harding-Rolls, subscription video game services account for only 4% of the revenue generated in the video game industry in North America and Europe. That’s $3.7 billion, compared to more than $81 billion in sales of physical, dematerialized games and the microtransactions that accompany them.

By comparison, streaming now accounts for 72% of the revenue generated by the movie industry, with $1.3 billion. So we’re still a long way off for Microsoft, which can nevertheless be satisfied with being the leader in this market. Ampere estimates that Game Pass accounts for more than 60% of the subscription video game market share, thanks to the more than 25 million subscribers at the last count.

To date, its biggest competitors are Apple Arcade (9%) and Google Play Pass (7%). Until Sony finally decides to take the plunge, presumably, this week.

Source: Axios Gaming

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