Fortnite says goodbye to construction in its new game mode

Epic Games didn’t really surprise many people by confirming the definitive arrival of a no-build mode in Fortnite. After a first attempt that was visibly convincing, this option will remain available in the battle royale.

© Epic Games

At the launch of Chapter 3 Season 2, Fortnite welcomed several new features, including a temporary mode in which players no longer had the ability to build structures. To compensate, gameplay mechanics such as being able to climb, sprint faster, and protect themselves via an Overshield made their appearance. And the community appreciated this new approach.

Thus, the Zero Build mode is now permanently installed. It is simply the battle royale without the construction mechanics. It can be selected via the “Discover” page by clicking on the “Change” button above “Play” in the Lobby. This mode wants to focus on the shooting, moving, and item management skills of the participants. It also includes all the new abilities mentioned above.

In short, you can test this new way of playing Fortnite right now on all supports.

Source: Epic Games

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