Amazon Games boss, Michael Frazzini, resigns

This is a major change that will undoubtedly upset the gaming division of Amazon. Indeed, the boss of this video game branch of the American firm has probably chosen to leave…

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Despite an extremely complicated start and a few projects canceled along the way, Amazon Games seemed to have found its cruising speed in recent months. The MMORPG New World, for example, had a great start last year. But the main achievement of the division is obviously the Western port of Lost Ark, which has already welcomed several million players on its servers.

Last weekend, the Bloomberg website published an article announcing that Mike Frazzini, the boss of Amazon Games, has recently left the division. Frazzini’s decision was reportedly made in order to spend more time with his family. Frazzini had joined Amazon in 2004 in the books division.

Moreover, Mike Frazzini was strongly criticized within Amazon Games for his lack of experience in the video game industry. He wanted to make each game “a billion-dollar license”… A strategy that proved to be perilous.

Sources: Bloomberg / Michael Frazzini

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