The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Native PC Port Is Now Available for Download

Developed by a group of fans and entitled Ship of Harkinian, a PC port of Ocarina of Time, one of the greatest games of all time, is now available for free download.

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Using reverse engineering, the talented team of amateur developers has added many features exclusive to the PC and has even taken the liberty of integrating elements missing from the original game into this port.

To present their ambitious project, the group of fans released a livestream this week presenting the scope of their project, with a good dose of humor in addition!

Until now, a native PC version of Ocarina of Time has never seen the light of day, except for emulators (provided you have the original copy of the game!). The group of fans behind the Ship of Harkinian project can be proud of this achievement, which is of high quality.

Still in development despite its release, the PC port already supports many of the joys offered by this platform, such as the keyboard/mouse combo, ultrawide screens, and eventually mods. The team also took the opportunity to improve the graphics of this monument released on Nintendo 64 24 years ago (already!).

To learn more about this huge project and how to download it in order to play Song of Nostalgia on PC, the team invites those interested to visit the dedicated Discord, quoted in the source below.

Remember that in order to enjoy it, it is necessary to have an original copy of the game, or risk being punished for piracy. It is also possible that Nintendo will stop the project because of the intellectual property that the Japanese giant holds on the Zelda license.

Source: Discord Ship of Harkinian

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