Fable’s Slow Development Could Improve Playground Games’ Future

Announced in 2020, the reboot of the Fable license has been entrusted to Playground Games, known for the Forza license. But this new adventure would put the team in front of a number of challenges.

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Juan Fernandez, the game designer at Playground Games, recently spoke about his time at the studio. Driven by a desire to offer something other than racing games, the team reportedly downplayed the difficulty of switching from racing games to an action-RPG.

In an interview originally given to Vandal, Juan Fernandez said that the team lacks experienced people to articulate the various gameplay elements of an action-RPG. In the case of Fable or Forza Horizon, we’re talking about an open world, but the constraints are quite different from one title to another:

you have to develop animation, scripting, a quest system. Moving in a car at 300 kmh has very different requirements than walking through the countryside

This observation would have pushed Playground Games to revise upwards the duration of the production, in order to find the best way to adapt to the new constraints. Without being critical of his former colleagues, Juan Fernandez adds that the team has a mentality of “doing more with less” especially in terms of manpower and time, but ends by saying that “It is good to be ambitious but you also have to be realistic“.

Source: Wccftech

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