PlayStation App Update Allowing Auto-Upload of PS5 Captures Finally Available in Europe

Update on Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 11:55am: The feature that allows you to download PS5 photo/video captures to a mobile device from the PlayStation App is now available in France. The update is available for download now!

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In test for some time, the automatic sharing of screenshots on PS5 is being deployed more widely.

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At the end of January, Sony was testing a new way to share screenshots taken on PS5, with an automatic transfer to the associated smartphone. Today, PlayStation announces to extend this feature to new users, who will be delighted to be able to find their most beautiful screenshots directly within their PS App.

The feature is currently extended to Japan and the United States, available in Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and the United States.

As a reminder, when the feature is activated, the media captured from your PS5 will be automatically uploaded to the cloud to appear on your mobile application. From the app, you can save the captures to your phone, share them with your PlayStation friends or post them on social media. The feature does not require a subscription to the PlayStation Plus service.

Source: Playstation

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