Apex Legends’ next two years of new content have apparently leaked

Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s successful multiplayer FPS, has just recorded the biggest leak in its three-year history.

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No less than two years of content have been shared on the Web and in particular on the subreddit ApexUncovered, specialized in the matter, all listed in an edifying Google Doc.

For its sixth season, Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale had already been the subject of a massive leak revealing, among other things, several legends in production. This time, the leak is much bigger. In addition to revealing no less than nine new legends, it also suggests a new map for the Battle Royale mode and five new maps for the Arena mode.

The Google Doc shows videos of the gameplay of the nine new legends, with a focus on their specific skills. Other videos highlight adjustments made to existing maps for rebalancing, as well as the new maps to come, including one visibly set on the Moon.

Speaking of balancing, the leak also presents some concepts to improve existing weapons, including adding accessories to enhance their effectiveness. Because of the free-to-play Battle Royale, the two years of leaked content also include a lot of cosmetic elements such as skins, emotes, and others.

All these elements have been cataloged in a single Google Doc, which can be accessed directly in the source below. For the moment, neither Respawn Entertainment nor Electronic Arts have commented on the biggest leak in the history of Apex Legends.

Source: Google Doc

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