Sony confirms smoother gameplay is coming to PS5 with VRR

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PS5 players equipped with a recent and high-quality screen or TV will soon be able to enjoy a feature they have been asking for since the console’s launch. Indeed, the deployment of VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) has been confirmed by Sony.

But this is not the only new feature that will be available on the Japanese manufacturer’s consoles in the near future.

In a post on its PlayStation Blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed the arrival of VRR functionality on PS5. The variable refresh rate will be available for owners of an HDMI 2.1 compatible screen “in the coming months“. Once activated, this option will improve the fluidity of our games. The latter will initially receive an update to support this new feature.

VRR will erase imperfections such as tearing and slowdowns. These corrections will result in better visual performance, including sharper graphics and smoother scenes overall. In addition, the variable refresh rate will be enabled for non-compatible games. An option that can be deactivated at any time, which will lead to some improvements, but also sometimes to display problems. PlayStation also explains that VRR should be available from the launch of future titles in the PS5 games catalog.

As of today, the Japanese manufacturer’s machines are receiving a brand new update. Among the major new features, we find the possibility to join open and closed parties on PS5, but also on PS4. This will also be the case for the PS App mobile application, whose interface has been redesigned in order to allow faster access to community features. A dark mode has also been added to the PS Remote Play application.

Let’s finish by coming back to the PS5, whose interface has been optimized in the Game Base and Trophy Card sections. Mono sound is also included. The update is downloadable now and is about 1 GB.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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