Hellblade 2 Will Have Very Different Combat From The First Game

Unveiled in December 2019 during the Xbox Series X reveal, it is only two years later, during the Game Awards ceremony, that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 lifted the veil on its gameplay. If we still don’t know much about it, Ninja Theory’s next production seems to want to surprise us…

© Ninja Theory

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is definitely a unique work in the videogame landscape. The painful journey of Senua will continue in a second opus, developed under Unreal Engine 5, which is now letting slip some information about its ambitions.

Juan Fernandez, Principal Game Designer at Ninja Theory, gave an interview to the Spanish website Vandal, in which he first confided on the impact he thinks this long-awaited sequel of Hellblade will have. And where we could have legitimately imagined that the studio would focus on the outstanding elements of the first opus, the developer specifies that it is the new features brought by this sequel that should mainly mark the players:

What I like about Hellblade 2 is that it’s a very unique approach, I think it’s going to have an impact like Hellblade 1 but for other reasons, because obviously there’s a lot of things that were new in the first game that will have less impact in the second game, but there’s a whole bunch of other new things that will have that impact

Following these statements, we can easily deduce that Juan Fernandez is referring to the narration or to the transcription of the voices heard by Senua by mentioning the impacting elements of the first episode. And as a sequel, it is clear that these aspects will not inevitably cause the same surprise effect. That’s why it’s interesting to underline Ninja Theory’s will to go far beyond in terms of experience.

What I was least satisfied with in Hellblade 1 was the lack of enemy variety, the long-range combat was stifled, and the balancing stuff, the way the difficulty systems were tuned, the enemies had too much life, they had too much durability and it got tiresome a lot of the time

Finally, he ends by saying that if the first game offered a variety of attacks, the different enemies did not push players enough to vary their combos. This is an interesting observation, but it is also reassuring as to the ambition of the British teams for this new journey alongside Senua. Perhaps we can imagine a denser bestiary, more elaborate confrontations, and more grandiloquent boss battles? It seems to be going that way. But if one thing is for sure, it’s that the gameplay trailer unveiled a few months ago does suggest that the sliders have been greatly increased.

Anyway, we’ll have to be patient before we can get our hands on it since no release date has been communicated yet for this Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, which, as a reminder, is expected on PC and Xbox Series exclusively.

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