The Villains of Hogwarts Legacy Explained

Last week, Hogwarts Legacy revealed many of its secrets. Today, the story of this new Harry Potter game is revealed a little more.

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The events of Hogwarts Legacy take place in the late 1800s, about a century before Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts. This is why the wizarding school will be significantly different from the one seen in the eight feature films. The same is true for the characters, most of whom will be unknown to fans.

After the State of Play, the Avalanche teams quickly mentioned the enemies that our young wizard will encounter during his stay at Hogwarts. First of all, there is Ranrok, a goblin leading a goblin rebellion. It must be said that the relationship between these creatures and the wizards has always been tense. According to the mythology of the license, three rebellions took place in the years before Harry’s adventures.

The second major villain in Hogwarts Legacy is a man named Victor Rookwood. He leads a faction of dark wizards. He seems to be the ancestor of Augustus Rookwood, a Death Eater who was sent to Azkaban after being denounced by Igor Karkaroff (the Pensina scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). Our hero will have to face an army of wizards and goblins in Hogwarts Legacy.

Source: IGN

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