How To Find Merchant Kalé And Complete Her Questline In Elden Ring

This part of the Elden Ring Solve is dedicated to Merchant Kalé. You will discover here the description of the interactions with this NPC as well as the path of the eventual quest associated with him.

  • Services: Shop
  • If defeated, drops: 500 Runes + “Finger Snap” Gesture + Kalé’s Bell Bearing

Where you can find Merchant Kalé?

First Meeting

You meet Kale near the Church of Elleh’s site of grace. During this first exchange, Kale will strongly advise you to get a Crafting Kit as soon as possible. Afterward, you can ask him about his nomadic life and his tribe of merchants.

Merchant Kalé’s Shop

Item NameItem TypePurchase ValueStock
Throwing DaggerConsumable40
TelescopeKey Items5001
Furlcalling Finger RemedyMultiplayer Items10005
Cracked PotMaterials3003
Crafting KitKey Items3001
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [1]Cookbooks5001
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [2]Cookbooks5001
Missionary’s Cookbook [1]Cookbooks10001
ArrowArrows and Bolts20
BoltArrows and Bolts40
TorchArmaments & Key Items2001
Large Leather ShieldMedium Shields6001
Chain CoifArmor10001
Chain ArmorArmor15001
Chain GauntletsArmor10001
Chain LeggingsArmor10001
Note: Flask of Wondrous PhysickInfo Items2001
Note: Waypoint RuinsInfo Items2001

Second Meeting

After talking with Blaidd, return to Kale and tell him about the howling in the woods so that he will give you the “Finger Snap” Gesture. Afterwards, when you’ve finally managed to talk to the Half-Wolf, you can come back and ask the merchant about him.

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