Search chests on IO Airships – Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Week 1

One of the new Fortnite Season 2 Week 1 quests asks you to search chests on IO Airships. We’ll explain how to complete this challenge.

If you want to complete the challenge asking you to search chests on IO Airships, here is where they are in Fortnite.

IO Airships is a new location in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. It’s simply IO Blimps. They don’t have a known location!

Where are IO Airships in Fortnite chapiter 3 Season 2 Week 1?

IO Airships are platforms that you can see in the sky. You must refer to the image at the top of the article to discover this new plane. These are located above the island, and some towns. They are not inaccessible, however, as you can use the ziplines from the ground to get there, or land directly on them.

IO Blimps are attached to the ground via Ziplines, so zip up to an IO Blimp and claim its loot for yourself!

You will have to search the IO chests on board. Don’t waste too much time, to limit the risk of getting killed. In total, there are 3 IO chests to be searched, which is not very difficult, in fact.

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