Prepare to Die (Hard Mode) – Elden Ring

You bled all the Souls dry in SL1 just with your fists, and Elden Ring is a walk in the park for you? This mod from Silentverge02 is your sadomasochistic fix.

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Aptly named Prepare to Die and unfortunately only available on PC, this mod drastically increases the difficulty by changing the stats and artificial intelligence of the enemies, even in New Game+.

If FromSoftware came to rebalance some elements of its latest action-RPG with the 1.03 patch, the record-selling title still remains difficult to access for the common man and especially for the uninitiated. If the more seasoned players haven’t sweated enough on Elden Ring and pain is a form of pleasure for them, this mod by Silentverge02 could be an answer to their silent prayers before the World Tree.

In addition to changing the health, damage and behavior of enemies, this mod offers other options such as the ability to teleport only to churches and cathedrals. If you’re going to make the trip to the Netherworld as stressful as possible, you might as well go all the way!

Despite the obvious sadism of this mod, Silventverge02 provides on the dedicated Nexus Mods page some precious advices in order to triumph on the even harder way to the rank of Lord of Elden.

As with every mod that alters the game’s functioning, you’ll have to deactivate Easy Anti-Cheat and go offline. A maneuver more than ever at your own risk.

Source: Nexus Mods

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