How To Find White-Faced Varré And Complete Her Questline In Elden Ring

Through this section of the Elden Ring Guide, you will be able to discover all the interactions with White-Faced Varré, his location in the open world as well as information on the quests associated with him.

  • Services: Information
  • If defeated, drops: 500 Runes + 6 Festering Bloody Finger

First Meeting

You meet White-Faced Varré for the first time near the Site of Grace of the Beginning. Here he will give you some advice on how to complete the first step of your quest

Second Meeting

After gaining access to the Roundtable Hold, you can return to Varré to get his opinion on this organization.

Third Meeting

After defeating Godrick the Grafted and obtaining his Great Rune, you can talk to Varré who will encourage you to restore the rune as soon as possible so that you can meet the Two Fingers.

Fourth Meeting

Once you’ve succeeded to restore Godrick’s Great Rune and then meet the Two Fingers at the Roundtable Hold, return to Varré’s original location to find a message informing you that he has left for Liurnia (Rose Church, southwest of Liurnia). Reading this message will unlock the “Bravo!” Gesture.

Fifth Meeting

You meet Varré at the Rose Church, in a large island southwest of Liurnia, during this dialogue, tell him that you felt something strange during your conversation with the Two Fingers so that he offers you 5 Festering Bloody Finger.

Sixth Meeting

How to Invade and Use the Festering Bloody Finger?

To progress in Varré’s quest, you will now have to use the Festering Bloody Finger he gave you 3 times to invade player’s world. Note that you don’t need to fight the host of the invaded world to validate these steps and you can return immediately to your world after your arrival to validate these steps. To use the Festering Bloody Finger, simply highlight it in your Inventory and select Use.

After your three invasions, return to Varré and accept his proposal that you be inducted into the Bloody Lord and he will give you the Lord of Blood’s Favor item, requesting you soak it in the blood of a maiden.

Seventh Meeting

To soak the Lord of Blood’s Favor in the blood of a maiden, you have several options.

How To Get Maiden Blood For Lord of Blood’s Favor?

  • First, you can go to the Chapel of Anticipation from the teleporter of The Four Belfries and dip the cloth in the blood of the Maiden corpse in the main building.
  • Do the same with the Maiden corpse in the Church of Inhibition.
  • Otherwise, you can just kill Hyetta to use her blood.

Once you have succeeded to obtain the blood of a maiden, return to Varré to receive the Bloody Finger. After that, talk to him again and he will give you the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, an item that will allow you to join Mohgwyn’s palace later.

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