How To Beat Putrid Tree Spirit Elden Ring

This part of the Elden Ring Guide is dedicated to the fight against the Putrid Tree Spirit.

Here you will find tips and a video that will help you defeat him as well as information about the rewards you can get.

Rewards: Redmane Knight Ogha Spirit Ashes + Golden Seed

Location: War-Dead Catacombs (Dragonbarrow)

Whether you’re a warrior or a mage, your best chance of surviving this confrontation will be to equip yourself with a good shield and tank the majority of the Boss’s hits. Between each of these attacks, place a jump attack before repositioning yourself. At the end, you’ll manage to knock the creature down and be able to inflict a critical hit to move on to the next phase. At this point, the boss will unleash an area attack inflicting holy damage, so move away to avoid the explosion and then repeat the previous operation until it falls again. Be careful though, the monster will now inflict holy damage, some of which will always pass through your shield. The Boss will also be able to trigger new explosions, so be on the lookout.

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