New Mods Turn Sifu Into The Matrix Game

Thanks to its fantastic gameplay, the fighting game from the talented French studio Sloclap Sifu has inspired many modders to re-adapt cult movies or series.

© Sloclap / Halfmillz

From John Wick to Daredevil to The Batman, Sifu has excited the creativity of modders, but Halfmillz has gone one step further by turning Sloclap’s title into a true Matrix game like many fans dreamed of.

Among the modders’ creations on Sifu, Matrix makes the most sense because of its martial arts fights. Halfmillz has therefore completely overhauled the game to adapt the works of the Wachowski sisters in a masterly way.

Reskin of the main character of Sifu as Neo, reskin of the enemies as Agents Smith, green filter, application of the iconic sound effects of the movie franchise, everything is there to make us literally enter the Matrix! Of course, this is currently only possible on the PC version.

To fully live the Matrix adventure in Sifu, you will actually have to download several mods. The first one, listed in the source below via Nexus Mods, simply applies Neo’s appearance to the main character. For the enemies transformed into Agents Smith, the sound effects from Matrix or the ReShade applying the iconic green filter, you’ll have to get a dedicated mod for each.

For your convenience, we’ve put a link anchor to each of these mods, as well as Halfmillz in the description of the first mod listed below, so that the ultimate Matrix experience is perfect, again courtesy of the fantastic gameplay of Sloclap’s original game.

Welcome to the Matrix, Anderson men and women!

Source: Nexus Mods

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