How to Find Ranni The Witch and Complete her Questline in Elden Ring

Through this section of the Elden Ring Guide, you can discover all the interactions with Ranni the Witch, her location in the open world as well as information on the quests associated with her.

  • Services: None
  • If defeated, drops: Ranni cannot be killed

Where to Find Ranni the Witch?

First Meeting

After obtaining the Spectral Steed Whistle from Melina, return to the Church of Elleh to meet Renna. During the dialogue with her, agree to declare your identity so that she can offer you the Spirit Calling Bell, the tool necessary to summon spirits, as well as the Lone Wolves Ashes.

If you refuse to reveal your identity twice, Renna will leave the premises but will still leave these two objects on the ground.

Second Meeting

After giving Rogier the Black Knifeprint and obtaining information about Ranni, head to the top of Ranni’s Rise northwest of Caria Manor to find the witch, who will then reveal her true identity.

At the end of this dialogue, Ranni rejects you from her house, so go back to the Roundtable Hold to report to Rogier. After that, go back to Ranni and offer her to put you at her service, then talk to her several times so that she invites you to talk with her companions.

From then on, go down to the lower level and talk with the apparition of Alexander the Iron Fist. One floor down, you will find an apparition of Blaidd. Finally, on the first floor, you can meet the Preceptor Seluvis.

After talking to these three NPCs, go back to Ranni so you can leave the tower again. The witch will inform you that she is about to fall into a deep sleep. You will be able to check this out on your next visit, as Ranni will indeed be unreachable for a long time.

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