How to Find Melina and Complete her Questline in Elden Ring

This part of the Elden Ring Solve is dedicated to the character of Melina. You will discover here the description of the interactions with this NPC as well as the path of the eventual quest associated with her.

  • Services: Level Up
  • If defeated, drops: Melina cannot be killed

Where To Find Melina?

First Meeting

You meet Melina after activating at least 3 sites of grace in the West Limgrave region. During this first dialogue accept her proposal to give you the Spectral Steed Whistle and become your servant.

Note that if you refuse to make a pact with Melina at this point in the adventure, you can always call her back to a site of grace to make things right.

Second Meeting

Once the agreement is signed with Melina, you can call her back to a grace site to learn more about her and her motivations.

Third Meeting

After defeating Margit The Fell Omen (or simply after fighting him for the first time), rest at a site of Grace so that Melina appears at your side. At that moment, she will lead you to the Roundtable Hold, a place where most of the important NPCs of the game are located.

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