How To Beat Draconic Tree Sentinel Elden Ring

This part of the Elden Ring Guide is dedicated to the fight against the Draconic Tree Sentinel.

Here you will find tips and a video that will help you defeat him as well as information about the rewards you can get.

Rewards: Dragon Greatclaw + Dragonclaw Shield

Location: Capital Outskirts

To win this fight using magic, start by summoning wolves and stay well away from the Sentinel while he deals with your henchmen. During this whole sequence, make sure you stay behind the Boss’s back, so that he can’t send your spells back with his shield. For the rest, you’ll have to be very mobile in order to dodge the Boss’s most extensive attacks while gradually depleting his health.

In hand-to-hand combat, you’ll have to manage without using spirits. Indeed, the presence of henchmen will certainly distract the Boss, but will also make his movements less predictable. As it is, this will be a battle of attrition as you will have to quickly pass by the sentry and hit him with a blow to the goal before moving away to avoid the counterattack. As always in these mounted battles, try to take advantage of Torrent’s great mobility to get to safety, and also consider using his double jump to go right over the Boss.

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