Half-Life: Alyx Mod Return To Rapture Chapter Two Released

In preparation for several months, the second chapter of the excellent mod of Half-Life: Alyx created by Wim Buytaert entitled Return to Rapture is finally available.

© Valve / Wim Buytaert

Even more ambitious than the already very solid first chapter, this mod is a vibrant tribute to the masterpiece of the FPS genre that is BioShock, adapted with a masterful hand to the excellent VR game that is the title of Valve.

One year ago, almost to the day, an excellent mod inspired by BioShock and initiated by one person became a full-fledged campaign. Called Return to Rapture, it brilliantly mixed the gameplay and assets of Half-Life: Alyx to offer us a more immersive dive than ever in Andrew Ryan’s legendary underwater city.

Wim Buytaert’s ambition was to offer a second chapter even crazier, adding mechanics inherent to BioShock such as powers, assets and enemies paying tribute to Ken Levine’s work. For this, the modder surrounded himself with a talented team and founded the studio Patient 8 Games.

The fruit of their labors is now finally available for free via a page on the Steam Workshop. As you can see on the gameplay video above, Patient 8 Games has clearly not been idle to offer a VR experience masterfully mixing Half-Life: Alyx and BioShock.

If you have Valve’s title and you enjoyed visiting Rapture, this mod promising 24 levels and a lifespan of about 15 hours is a must try…

Source: Stream Workshop

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