How To Beat Mad Pumpkin Head Elden Ring

This part of the Elden Ring Tip is dedicated to the fight against the Mad Pumpkin Head.

You will find here the full video of the fight as well as information about the rewards obtained in case of victory.

Rewards: 1000 Runes and the giant pumpkin it wears on its head

Location: Waypoint Ruins, Limgrave Caelem Ruins

If you’re a wizard, summon Wandering Nobles and then move around the area so that you’re on the Boss’s back. Otherwise, your spells will hit his armored head and you’ll only inflict minimal damage. So stay mobile to avoid the pumpkin’s blows and you should be fine.

For the contact classes, summon the Wandering Nobles and approach the Boss, then parry the last hit of his combos with a shield before retaliating. Repeat this operation twice to knock the Pumpkin down and inflict a critical hit by sticking your weapon in his throat.

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