Hogwarts Legacy Developer Confirms No Microtransactions In The Game

The presentation of Hogwarts Legacy dropped some jaws this week. However, questions remain about this new adventure in the Harry Potter universe.

© Warner Bros. Games

The State of Play was the occasion to admire 14 minutes of gameplay on PS5 and Warner Bros. Games then communicated some interesting information about Hogwarts Legacy. First of all, we learned that a Nintendo Switch version will be released. But the publisher also wanted to clarify an important point that caused some concern after the broadcast of the sequence.

Indeed, when a potion is concocted by our student, it takes several minutes before it is ready for use. This timer, which seems to be around 25 minutes, could lead us to believe that microtransactions could shorten the waiting time. But it will not be! On Twitter, Avalanche community manager Chandler Wood said that Hogwarts Legacy will not have microtransactions.

However, if we are to believe the game’s cover posted by Amazon, players will have to be connected to the internet to play Hogwarts Legacy. The mention is only present on the Xbox version and not on the Switch edition. The latter could then be deprived of the hypothetical online features. It is also possible that this is a mistake, as Warner Bros. Games has not officially stated that the game would require a permanent connection.

Source: Chandler Wood

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