Throne and Liberty Is a Stunning Next-Gen MMO from NCSOFT Due 2022

The South Korean studio NCSOFT, specialist of MMOs, has today presented its future next-gen project entitled Throne and Liberty via a trailer that pleasantly flatters the retina.


At its genesis a new chapter of the famous Lineage saga, this new project is now more of a spiritual sequel that aims at a worldwide release during the second half of 2022, on PC but also on consoles.

According to an interview with the developers (only in Korean), NCSOFT intends to offer with Throne and Liberty a real next-gen experience in the relatively stagnant world of MMOs. This would be achieved through mechanics to make the world more immersive and dynamic, such as a variation of the environment due to the climate or a more organic population.

The trailer above also presents several mechanics quite original in the MMO genre, such as a better interaction with the scenery thanks to an emphasis on verticality, or the possibility to transform in the middle of a fight. Speaking of battles, they are going to be Dantesque with many players on the battlefield, as well as sieges during which we will be able to embody gigantic creatures.

NCSOFT intends to offer a much denser PvE content than its previous titles. It should also be noted that the South Korean studio intends to offer two games in one: Throne and Liberty will take place in a more Western-style continent, while a certain Project E will be more inspired by Eastern folklore.

If the information shared so far by NCSOFT gives furious envy, we will have to wait at least the second half of 2022 to see if the result is up to the promises made.

Source : NCSOFT

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