Goldeneye’s software trademark has been renewed amidst remaster reports

The return of the most famous secret agent seems to become clearer once again! Indeed, the long-awaited remaster of the iconic GoldenEye 007 might be about to show up.

© Danjag, LLC

In early January, the first rumors about a remastered version of Rare’s legendary FPS surfaced. In February, more indiscretions were pointing to an almost imminent release of this reworked edition of GoldenEye 007. And if the official announcement of the project has not been made yet, other clues have just arrived.

Danjag, LLC, the American holding company that owns the James Bond license, recently renewed the GoldenEye trademark with the words “downloadable electronic game software”. A term that could indicate that a new game is about to be announced. And since rumors about the famous remaster have been circulating for several weeks, the connection seems obvious.

However, the Video Games Chronicle website explains that this GoldenEye 007 Remastered might have been postponed because of the war in Ukraine. Indeed, the game deals with rather heavy Soviet themes that could be frowned upon in this dark period. Once again, we will have to be patient.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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