Returnal’s Ascension DLC releases gameplay trailer

During the last State of Play, Housemarque revealed the first big expansion for Returnal. Today, the Finnish studio offers us a more in-depth look at what awaits us in this DLC.

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Presented as a free update (3.0) for owners of the game, the Returnal: Ascension expansion will be released next week on PlayStation 5. Among the new features, we will mainly note the online cooperation mode that will allow two players to help each other. This will come in handy for getting past a boss that’s too difficult, since when one player falls in battle, his comrade will be able to revive him.

Update 3.0 will also bring a new game mode called the Tower of Sisyphus. It’s featured in the long gameplay video released by PlayStation today (see above). Players will have to climb the floors of this tower while resisting waves of enemies. Alas, there is no end to the climb and you will be doomed to perish sooner or later.

New enemies, objects and narrative elements will also be introduced in the Tower of Sisyphus. It’s up to you to discover them while achieving the best score possible. Returnal: Ascension will arrive on March 22.

Source: PlayStation

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