How to level up in Elden Ring using Sites of Grace

You can spend Runes, the equivalent of souls in FromSoftware’s new open world game, but you don’t have the ability to earn levels in the first place. Here’s a walkthrough guide that will lead you to Melina who will offer you her leveling services at Grace Points.

The little pranksters at FromSoftware like to make you run around a bit, before giving you access to the precious ability to earn levels. This was particularly obvious in Demon’s Souls, but in Elden Ring it’s much easier, even if you have to know where to go. The path is exactly the same as unlocking the Horse, so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

How to level up in Elden Ring?

As you leave the starting area, head towards the grace point, then follow the light towards the ruined church and its second grace point.

Continue to follow the light of grace, heading northeast along the road, you will pass some soldiers. Avoid the ruins on the right and go directly to the grace in front of the big doors. This will make Melina, the person in charge of the levels, appear. Accept her offer, which will unlock the ability to gain levels, and as a bonus, she will give you the Spectral Steed Whistle.

When you do rest at a Site of Grace, choose the option Level Up from the menu.

  • You can gain levels from any Grace Point, Melina being spectral, follows you and assists you at each of these “campfires”.
  • If you are missing a few Runes to gain a level, check your inventory. You may have picked up a Rune to use that will give you a large amount of Runes when it is consumed.
  • If you die, you lose all your Runes, but you can still make up for it. The position of your body is displayed on the world Map, as well as on the compass at the top of the screen. Remember to pick up your Runes as a priority when retrying a boss.
  • Vigor is probably the most useful stat for all classes, having more life will prevent you from dying too easily.

Maximum level in Elden Ring

We can simply say that you don’t have to worry about it. The level cap is incredibly high in FromSoftware games of this genre, and unless you’re farming for hundreds of hours, or/and playing in high NG+, it’s not something you’ll normally reach. But if you absolutely want to know, the absolute limit is to have 99 in all attributes. Since having 80 attribute points is level 1, this gives a maximum level of 713.

It is worth mentioning that most of the attributes are almost useless after a certain limit, usually around 50-60 points.

How to unlock the Roundtable Hold?

As you continue your adventures, Melina will reappear and offer to take you to the central hub of the game, the Table of Lost Grace, also called The Roundtable Hold. To do this, you must either explore a lot or kill Margit The Fell Omen.

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