How To Beat Godrick the Grafted Elden Ring

This part of the Elden Ring Guide is dedicated to the fight against Godrick the Grafted.

Here you will find tips and a video that will help you defeat him as well as information about the rewards you can get.

Rewards: Remembrance of the Grafted + Godrick’s Great Rune

Location: Stormveil Castle

In a magic fight, start by summoning Godrick’s Soldiers and then approach the Boss. After dodging his first jump attack, deal damage with your spells while staying out of range of his area attacks. Stay close enough to be able to react quickly if your henchmen manage to knock Godrick down, because then you’ll be able to give him a critical hit. At the beginning of the second phase of the fight, immediately run towards the Boss to avoid the flames, then take a little more distance to stay out of the zone of effect of his new attacks.

For warriors, it will of course be impossible to stay at a distance to defeat the Boss. So take advantage of the slightest opening to place a jumping attack or a charged blow on Godrick’s back to knock him down as often as possible. If you’re too close when he unleashes his storm, quickly roll backwards or raise your shield. In the second phase of the fight, get closer to avoid the flames and use a heavy attack. Opt for quick attacks afterwards so that you can reposition yourself properly between each of the Boss’s attacks.

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