GTA V PS5 vs PC Video Comparisons Show PC Mods Retaining the Crown

After long months of waiting, Grand Theft Auto V has finally arrived on the new generation consoles. And these gameplay video allow us to see what this “next-gen” version has in store.

© Take-Two Interactive

The launch of GTA V on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S has not escaped the controversy since Take-Two Interactive chose to opt for a paid upgrade even if the player already owns the Rockstar title on PS4 or Xbox One. And despite the addition of 4K, a 60 FPS framerate and improvements such as faster loading times, improved anti-aliasing or reworked lighting, it must be said that the differences are not really obvious.

In the last few hours, countless comparison videos have appeared on YouTube. They compare the PS5 and PC versions, sometimes including the good old PS4. In the video above, GTA V is running on Sony’s console through the Performance RT mode (dynamic 4K, 60 FPS and ray-tracing)… And we’re not going to lie, the differences are not really obvious.

Even worse, with the addition of a few mods, the fifth opus of the license is much more convincing on PC. Above, the player is using the NaturalVision Evolved graphics mod, which gives a more detailed rendering than on PS5.

Source: Rampage TV / TGG

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