EA Play Live Event Won’t Be Happening This Year

The American editor has chosen another method of communication to talk about its next big productions. Indeed, the EA Play Live will not be renewed in 2022, but Electronic Arts will not remain silent for all that.

© Electronic Arts

For a few years now, Electronic Arts has been organizing its own event in parallel to the E3. Entitled EA Play (Live), this gathering kept us informed of the latest news developed by the American publisher’s studios… but the latter has chosen to change its strategy in 2022.

Thus, the site IGN tells us that the EA Play Live 2022 edition has finally been cancelled. In its press release, the firm states that all the elements “are not in place to show everything in one date”. The publisher prefers to unveil its projects “when the time is right for each of them“. Thus, the communication will be spread over the whole year 2022 rather than on a single specific event.

Let’s remember that Electronic Arts currently has major games in development. We are thinking of course of the Dead Space remake, Dragon Age 4, the next Mass Effect or the Star Wars games currently in production at Respawn Entertainment. All we have to do now is wait.

Source: IGN

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