Perfect Dark Reboot Reportedly Still Years Away Due To Many Departures

Kept secret for more than a year, the development of the reboot of the iconic FPS/undercover game Perfect Dark seems to be in terrible chaos.

© The Initiative / Crystal Dynamics

In addition to the recent departure of its director from The Initiative studio, among other departures, our colleagues at Video Game Chronicles paint a bleak future for the ambitious AAAA project announced by Microsoft at the 2020 Game Awards.

Video Game Chronicles would have received some bad news from insiders about the reboot of Perfect Dark, which should show up during the year. If several departures from The Initiative studio, founded by Microsoft for the occasion, had been made public, the reality is quite different. In one year, the project would have lost almost half of the development team present at the beginning, that is to say 34 people, who have unofficially signified their departure via their respective LinkedIn profiles.

Among these departures, a number of vacant positions were key to the development of the game, such as director, chief level designer or chief gameplay engineer. In addition to these technical aspects, it is also the artistic direction and the narration of the reboot that are in danger, with the departure of senior scriptwriters, a chief animator or the art director. According to VGC, the reason for these departures is an ego war between renowned talents in their field and a general frustration about the direction taken on the development.

To compensate for these departures, only three job offers can be found on The Initiative website, which currently has less than 50 employees. A number that is certainly not sufficient to carry out a so-called AAAA project of this scale. The precarious situation of The Initiative and the wave of departures within it is otherwise corroborated by the partnership signed by the studio with Crystal Dynamics, which would take an increasingly important part in the development of the game, to the detriment of the studio initially opened for this purpose.

Whatever the future holds for Joanna Dark, the classified case seems far from being closed…

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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