Dead Space Release Window Revealed With 4 Early Dev Videos

It’s now official, the remake of Dead Space will not be released this year. To make up for it, EA Motive’s teams have organized a live show full of small gameplay sequences. Thrill guaranteed!

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The communication around Dead Space has just started again and Electronic Arts will probably reveal a lot more in the coming weeks. But while waiting for a proper presentation orchestrated by the American editor, the developers themselves are promoting their game through live performances that are both technical and exciting.

On March 11th, EA Motive graced us with a stream that focused on the audio dimension of the Dead Space remake. This includes the environmental sounds, those related to the weapons or the sounds made by the protagonist of this sordid epic. For this occasion, the developers have designed a new system called ALIVE. It adapts Isaac’s breathing and voice according to his health level, his fears or even the actions the player performs (such as running for example).

The video above offers a glimpse of the oppressive atmosphere of the game. Four more clips are available on YouTube. Keep in mind that the development is not finished and that the rendering of the scenes will be improved over the weeks. Dead Space will arrive in early 2023.

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