Stranded Graveyard – Cave of Knowledge Tutorial – Elden Ring

In this section of the Elden Ring Guide, you will be able to find out everything about the main area “Stranded Graveyard”, including its complete path and tips for defeating the bosses.

Items to be recovered :

  • Finger Severer
  • Tarnished’s Furled Finger
  • “Strength!” Gesture

To begin, approach the ghost and look down, then fall on the succession of platforms to reach the tutorial area. At the bottom, activate your first Site of Grace and move forward in the tunnel.

You will now have to progress in the area while following the indications on the screen in order to learn the basic features of Elden Ring. When you reach a large cave, run to avoid the archer’s shots and continue to the gallery on the left.

On the floor, kill the archer and continue your way, a little further, crouch down to try the stealth mechanic of the game. Once this is done, continue to advance to discover the Stake of Marika.

At this point, you’ll have to face a Soldier of Godrick, but don’t worry, he’s just a basic soldier and you won’t have any trouble eliminating him. When the fight is over, resume your progress and go get the “Strength!” Gesture near the ledge before going back down to your starting point.

Now go up the stairs and activate the Site of Grace on the other side of the door. Here you will notice a statue of two imps, if you have 2 Stonesword Keys in your possession. Be careful though, this area is not designed for such a low-level character and you will soon die in a loop.

Anyway, go and get the Finger Severer and Tarnished’s Furled Finger from the corpse nearby before using the elevator in the next room. At the top, simply go through the door to reach the first region in The Lands Between – Limgrave.

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