Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 VR Fan Remake Looks Amazing

From the iconic series of Star Wars games adaptations that skillfully mix FPS and TPS, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is back on the scene 20 years after its release thanks to VR.

A passionate and talented fan by the name of Guido Mariano has made it his personal goal to completely remaster the venerable title and bring it up to date by adapting it to virtual reality via a mod.

The Jedi Knight game series, and especially Jedi Academy, holds a special place in the hearts of Star Wars fans because of its gameplay that mixes first-person blaster gunfights and lightsaber battles that have rarely been so well recreated, even 20 years later. Thanks to the Power of VR, Jedi Outcast, the second opus in the series, is getting a facelift, and the project is the colossal initiative of a single fan.

Guido Mariano proposes to reincarnate Kyle Katarn as never before and to wield both the blaster and the lightsaber through the lenses of a VR headset. Not content with adapting a 20-year-old title to this new format, the mod’s creator has also modernized the game’s code, the artificial intelligence and the textures of the scenery and characters, for a stunning result.

Still in the very early prototype stage, the project is progressing at its own pace. But the work that has already been done commands immense respect. To learn more about this ambitious mod, visit the YouTube channel, from which these videos are taken, or the dedicated Patreon page, listed as a source below.

Source: Jedi Outcast VR Fan Remaster

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