Steam Deck Can Run Windows Now, But Audio Driver Is Not Available Yet

Windows was widely expected on the Steam Deck, and now the Microsoft operating system is finally available on the console. Unfortunately, there are still some annoying restrictions.

© Valve

Now that the first deliveries have been made to players, Valve can move up a gear with its Steam Deck. Thus, the American firm has just put online the drivers that allow to install Windows. They are all available at this address. You will find GPU, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers.

To perform the installation, it is recommended to copy these drivers on a USB key (or microSD card). Then press the power button on the console while holding down the volume key. This will open the boot menu. You will then have to select the storage medium for the drivers, then follow the instructions.

Unfortunately, there are two issues that may affect the user experience once Windows is installed. Firstly, Steam does not support dual boot. This means that it is impossible to keep SteamOS with Windows on the console. In addition, since the audio drivers are not yet available, the speakers and the 3.5 mm jack port will no longer work with Microsoft’s OS. It is necessary to use a peripheral (headphones, speaker …) connected to Bluetooth or USB-C to ensure the distribution of sound. You have been warned!

Source: Gamespot

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