How To Beat Grafted Scion Elden Ring

This part of the Elden Ring Guide is dedicated to the fight against the Grafted Scion.

Here you will find tips and a video that will help you defeat it, as well as information about the rewards you can get.

Rewards: Ornamental Straight Sword, Golden Beast Crest Shield

Location: Chapel of Anticipation

To successfully eliminate Grafted Scion, we chose a Samurai to take advantage of the power of his longbow. Of course, more skilled players will be able to defeat him with contact, but using the bow will at least keep you safe. Anyway, the secret here will be to always keep your opponent at a distance so that you can safely shoot your arrows at him. Be careful not to rush to waste your shots on his shield. Instead, wait until the Grafted Scion is in front of you before shooting, so you can put an arrow in his head to inflict a critical hit. Finally, try to use the Powerful Bow Shot only if you’re sure the Grafted Scion can’t hit you.

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