Capcom Announces Dinosaur Battling Action Game Exoprimal

If we thought for a few seconds that Dino Crisis was coming back, Capcom quickly dashed our hopes with the presentation of this new multiplayer-oriented license. Indeed, Exoprimal will bring waves of dinosaurs on players.

© Capcom

It’s with a totally new license that the Japanese publisher showed itself during the State of Play organized this week by PlayStation. Exoprimal will take us to the year 2040, a future in which dinosaurs appear through portals. To confront these prehistoric creatures, Excocombatants equipped with their Exoskeletons are in turn deployed with their destructive weapons.

Let’s specify from the start that this Exoprimal will be played with up to five players per squad. Capcom’s title will therefore offer a cooperative aspect, but a competitive dimension will also be on the program. Each game will be punctuated by dynamic objectives to accomplish. Finally, several classes of Exoskeletons, such as tanks and assault models, will be offered at launch. Players will even be able to change their armor in the middle of a fight.

If announced during an event broadcast by PlayStation, Exoprimal will also be released on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (Steam) in addition to the PS5 as well as the PS4. The release period is currently set for next year.

Source: Playstation

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