It Takes Over 3,000 Hours for Nintendo Switch OLED Burn-In to Happen

Available since October 8, the Nintendo Switch OLED has been a nice little success. However, as the latest Big N device is equipped with an OLED screen, the question of screen burns can legitimately be asked. So, what is the real situation, several months after its release?

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In order to answer this question, a YouTuber carried out tests to measure the robustness of the screen in front of the concern of burn-in.

On March 7, YouTuber WULFF DEN wanted to test the Nintendo Switch’s beautiful 7-inch OLED screen to determine its resistance to screen burns. To do so, he voluntarily captured an image of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild containing a large number of colors with a dominant blue color. The goal was to see how long it would take the console before it would show a marking effect on the screen. So it was armed with his console (and a lot of patience) that our YouTuber embarked on a very long and serious test phase.

As a result, after about 3,600 hours, WULFF DEN began to see the first screen burns on his Nintendo Switch OLED. When he went to the console’s homepage, he noticed that slight blue tints had remained on the screen, although the effect was relatively minimal, he said.

We can therefore conclude that the latest iteration of Nintendo’s hybrid console is particularly resistant to screen burns, and that, if you’re one of the lucky owners of the console, you probably won’t have to worry about this problem during normal use.

Sources: WULFF DEN

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