There’s an easy way to pause Elden Ring without mods

While not lacking in quality, Elden Ring can quickly wear down even the most seasoned players with its extremely difficult battles. And, just to add an extra dose of challenge, FromSoftware’s title cannot be paused in the “traditional” way.

It is not easy to find a moment to breathe in Elden Ring. If a mod allows you to pause the game on PC, PlayStation and Xbox players were not in the same boat… Or at least, until now!

On Twitter, user @IronPineapple_ posted a clip that shows the procedure to pause Elden Ring. Simply open the inventory, press the “Help” button, then select “Menu Explanation” in the new window. At this point, the game will effectively pause. Of course, this is far from being instinctive during a tense fight… But it’s better than nothing.

If your first steps in the Land of the Dead don’t go well, don’t hesitate to consult our guides that will help you get started.

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