Elden Ring Looks Incredible With Ray Tracing GI, Ultrawide Support and Improved FOV In New 4K Videos

Praised for its simply beautiful art direction, Elden Ring is a bit lacking on the technical side. But this can be largely made up for, especially with the addition of ray-tracing.

© FromSoftware / Bandai Namco

This is what the YouTube channel Garden of Eyes proves. You can see the PC version of FromSoftware’s latest phenomenal action-RPG at its best in 4K, on an ultrawide screen.

Even though the PC version had big problems at launch and lacked features, such as support for ultrawide screens, a mod came to partly correct these problems. It is thanks to this mod that Garden of Eyes was able to offer the above video.

This is an opportunity to enjoy the overwhelmingly beautiful art direction of Elden Ring in ultrawide format, with all the joys that ray-tracing implies, especially on the reflections on the surface of the water. These little additions enhance an already dreamlike experience.

To record the video with a stable 60 fps, Garden of Eyes has however equipped itself with a solid machine, notably with a highly prized graphics card RTX 3090. The result is therefore not within the reach of everyone. Especially since the use of mods on Elden Ring disables the Online mode and can be frowned upon by Easy Anti Cheat.

Source: Garden of Eyes

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