Star Wars Eclipse New Report Says Release Date Possibly Five Years Away or More

We may be looking at the next big thing in video games. Unveiled last December at the Game Awards, Star Wars Eclipse is likely to be a long time coming. If the rumors published this week are accurate, the game will not be released for several years.

The day after it was made official, Star Wars Eclipse was already making headlines as we learned that Quantic Dream’s title would not be released for four or even five years. Indeed, development problems of Star Wars Eclipse were quickly pointed out. The fault of a capricious engine, but also of difficulties related to recruitment within the Parisian studio. And the ordeal is obviously far from over…

All the problems mentioned above have a major influence on the production of Star Wars Eclipse. So much so that according to new information published by insider Tom Henderson, Quantic Dream is now aiming for a release in the period 2027-2028. It is therefore not inconceivable to imagine that this adaptation of George Lucas’ license could land on the next generation of consoles.

However, Quantic Dream has other projects in the pipeline. The French firm is said to be working on a game inspired by its technical demo The Dark Sorcerer as well as on a card game that should arrive on our mobile devices soon.

Source: Xfire

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