F1 2022 will reportedly include supercars and cross-play

EA should soon make official the new F1 2022.

An episode that could create a surprise, offering much more than F1 (and F2).

© EA

After a very good F1 2021, Electronic Arts will very soon make official the new opus, which will allow players to take in hand the new single-seaters of the 2022 season, which starts in less than 20 days in Bahrain. According to Tom Henderson, F1 2022 should have a lot of surprises, starting with… the presence of supercars.

Indeed, this new episode would not only allow players to slip into the F1 and F2 cars of the current season but also to collect supercars, through a new F1 Life mode. Like a real F1 driver, it will be possible to buy various luxury items, including sports cars, which can be driven on the game’s various circuits. To be confirmed.

In addition to cross-play compatibility, the game would also be compatible with virtual reality headsets. As in real life, the Russian track in Sochi should not be present in the game, as EA has already removed Russian clubs and teams from games like FIFA 22 and NHL 22.

Source: XFire

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