DICE reworking Battlefield 2042 maps, says future maps will be smaller

In an attempt to salvage what can be salvaged for Battlefield 2042, DICE has published a blog post to share ways to improve the game, following feedback from the community.

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The Swedish studio is therefore preparing to revise its grand ambitions downwards, since the 128-player maps have been particularly criticized.

While DICE’s latest FPS is in a critical situation, after a chaotic launch and a recent petition asking for a refund on a game that is still far from being finished, the studio has chosen to put things back on track in order to start again. Following feedback from the community, there was a general consensus that “bigger maps doesn’t necessarily mean more freedom and playstyles, or fun“.

The main complaints with the 128 maps were that players felt like they were playing a walking simulator rather than Battlefield. The path to objectives was often too long, and so many fighters on the meter made engagements chaotic and hard to read. And that’s not to mention the glaring performance issues encountered on these maps, some of which have yet to be fixed.

So, DICE has shared some thoughts and map redesigns to make one of the major additions to Battlefield 2042… less major, but more appreciated. This will include relocating objective points on previously released maps, as seen in one of the examples shared by the Swedish studio.

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Another track of improvement: to propose maps with a much smaller scale for the next Seasons… Remember that the first Season had to be heavily postponed in order to correct urgent problems of a game almost on the verge of drifting.

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