Babylon’s Fall is off to a bad start on Steam

Remember: at E3 2018, Square Enix struck a blow with the reveal of Babylon’s Fall. Despite the extremely announcement-heavy event at that edition, Platinum Games’ upcoming game had managed to pull its weight, before dazzling us with its frantic action a few months later.

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After long months of waiting, the game finally launched on PC, PS5 and PS4, but the turn taken by the title, especially its game-service aspect sold at a high price, seems to have cooled down the players.

The studio had been accustomed to real successes, including NieR: Automata, which is certainly the most flamboyant of PlatinumGames’ creations, especially thanks to its frenetic gameplay. Naturally, gamers were expecting the same thing when Babylon’s Fall was announced, a little over a year after the release of the last NieR. However, as we feared, the launch of the action-RPG could not be more sluggish.

Launched in the middle of a period during which video games are released at a very fast pace, Babylon’s Fall was already starting with a slight handicap, even if the studio had put the forms for its release by publishing, yesterday, a trailer reminding everyone of the availability of the title from March 3.

Babylon’s Fall has certainly attracted players, but the counters are at their lowest. Currently, the attendance figures hardly reach the 600 mark, and the maximum number recorded is not much higher with a ceiling of 650 players at its launch. The same is true for the Twitch platform, where the numbers are also plummeting, from 3,000 viewers to just under 1,000 this Friday morning.

Both players and the press are not so kind and point their fingers at certain aspects such as the presence of micro-transactions or the graphics which are below expectations. It remains to be seen what the publisher, Square Enix, will think about it. Square Enix already complained about the sales of Guardians of the Galaxy, which were much higher than those of Babylon’s Fall.

Source: SteamDB

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