Lost Ark March Update: New Kadan storyline, Abyss Raids, and more 

One month after its release in the West, Lost Ark is about to receive its first major patch to make up for its eastern counterpart released three years ago.

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This update, scheduled for March, will mainly focus on the endgame and the continuation of the main story.

The first major aspect of this new patch dedicated to Lost Ark is a new story arc that will take us to new islands with their share of quests. Entitled Kadan, this continuation of the story will focus more closely on the fate of the mysterious Sidereals as we set out to recover the last Ark. To access it, you will logically need to have completed the previous story arcs and have a recommended equipment level of at least 1100.

A very endgame oriented story arc and a new raid will also be introduced with the March patch to help Lost Ark adventurers access it. Called Argos, it will be the very first Abyss Raid in the western version. Instead of pitting four heroes against one boss as in the familiar Guardian Raids, this type of raid will feature eight heroes. In addition to double the number of participants, this Abyss Raid will feature a three-phase boss that will become more powerful and complex as the battle progresses.

The March patch will also include a number of fixes and balances, which will be detailed as we get closer to its rollout in the coming days. A roadmap will also be shared shortly so Lost Ark players will know what to expect in the coming months.

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