Housemarque Is Developing A New Game, But It Isn’t Returnal 2

A few weeks after the launch of the PlayStation 5, players were able to try a new license called Returnal. This shoot’em up, which was quite difficult to say the least, was a hit and we could wonder about the existence of a hypothetical sequel.

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Since its creation in 1995, Housemarque has distinguished itself several times thanks to its extremely well thought-out arcade gameplay. Dead Nation, Super Stardust or Resogun are among the most appreciated productions of the Finnish studio. But it is with Returnal, launched last year, that the small company composed of about 70 people has gained notoriety among the general public.

However, Housemarque, which was bought out by Sony last June, is not likely to launch a Returnal 2 immediately. Indeed, the studio’s boss himself confirmed that his team is currently working on a new license. During the interview with VentureBeat, the main person involved also said that the project is just beginning.

Thus, we should not expect a sequel for the time being. Since the studio is not even composed of a hundred developers, it is difficult to imagine that a Returnal 2 could be developed alongside a new license. However, that doesn’t mean that a sequel won’t happen one day.

Source: VentureBeat

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