Rumor: NVIDIA Leak Sparks More Speculation About A Potential “Switch Pro”

For several years now, rumors about a potential “Nintendo Switch Pro” have been coming back and forth, before finally running out of steam. But as Nintendo’s latest model is about to blow out its fifth birthday, yet another hint about a revision of the console has just appeared on the web…

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And this time, it’s NVIDIA who is behind a leak about a potential technologically boosted Nintendo Switch!

In the midst of this sea of rumors and statements of all kinds, it’s becoming more and more complicated to understand what’s really going on with Nintendo’s next console. While the Japanese manufacturer launched the Nintendo Switch OLED a few months ago, and was adamant that no new console was in the works at the time, insiders, usually well-informed, paradoxically claimed that something was being prepared behind the scenes.

Yet, on the other hand, and shortly after announcing that it had sold more Switches than Wii, Nintendo declared that its console was still in the middle of its life cycle. This left gamers confused as to the existence and identity of this famous and mysterious console made in Big N.

Today, a new clue comes to wake up all the rumors. Indeed, a major leak recently took place at NVIDIA following a cyber attack. And this one let some interesting details slip out, leaving very little room for doubt as to the existence of a new iteration of the Nintendo Switch based on an NVIDIA GPU. It was NWPlayer123 on Twitter who took care of breaking it all down for us:

As noted by NWPlayer123, the leak of the code allows seeing the mention “NVN2”. As a reminder, “NVN” was the name used internally by Nintendo for the graphics API of its hybrid console. This same leak suggests that this potential future console would benefit from DLSS, NVIDIA’s oversampling technique. This is in line with what insider Nate The Hate said several months ago, that the console would support 4K and DLSS (he also said it would be new hardware). Add to that the fact that the leak also mentions support for ray tracing and, if all of this is true, it could result in a much more powerful console than the Nintendo Switch as we know it now.

As you can see, it’s still impossible to say what Nintendo’s plans are for the coming months and years. But there is now almost no doubt that the Japanese giant has some surprises in store for us. In any case, there’s a better chance that these leaks, if they turn out to be true, will be about a new iteration of the Nintendo Switch with a big boost rather than a new console itself. Finally, as a last reminder, Big N had already revealed last November that it was working on its next-generation console, to come at a still unknown date.

Source: Gamesradar

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