Lost Ark: Tropical Chamkuri Mount – Which One Should You Pick?

Check out the different colors available for the legendary tropical Chamkuri mount in Lost Ark.

If you want to get a Chamkuri mount, well, you’ll have to complete the main story of the continent of Rohendel. For those who would like to know where this area of the game is in relation to other locations on the map, here is an image showing the continent circled in red.

It should be noted that it was also possible to get a Chumkuri mount by taking advantage of the login bonus between February 8 and March 10. The mount was available as a bonus after 20 days of connection as you can see on the image below.

All Tropical Chamkuri Mount Colors

To help you make your choice, you will find below an overview of the different colors offered for the legendary Chamkuri Tropical mount:

  • Mango Chamkuri
  • Berry Chamkuri 
  • Kiwi Chamkuri
  • Peach Chamkuri
  • Soda Chamkuri

Which color to choose?

All Tropical Chamkuri mount colors are honestly very cute and aesthetically pleasing. The choice of mount color depends entirely on you.

Whatever color you choose, one thing is for sure: You will definitely enjoy using any of these mounts.

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